Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sneeze Sniffle Cough Repeat

On account of my new cold -- how can a nose be stuffy and runny, at once? -- there's a solid chance I'll be couch-bound all day. Well, at least all morning. Which blows, really, because I wanted to go out & carpe the diem & maybe even try a new yoga class. But it's also a wee bit awesome, because it's fully and properly AUTUMN out there and I'm really not interested in freezing my bits off, roaming the mean (daytime) streets of mtl.

Until further notice, you can find me in our TV room, watching whatever the heck is on Josh's USB key because it's already all loaded up and (breaking news) I'm feeling kinda reluctant to move my body. But it's not so bad, you guys. We have Louie Season 3 on-deck. Maybe I've already seen all these episodes, but it'll hurt a lot less to re-watch them than to embark on the three-part minidrama of (1) getting up, (2) selecting a DVD, (3) putting it in the machine. You understand.

Update: Watching Zodiac (thanks to the recent movie-going one-two punch of Gone Girl + Nightcrawler). Questioning if this is *the* film to experience solo. I mean, the creepy neighbor/squatter three doors down appears to have moved and all, but the him-lurking-in-our-backyard scenario lives on in my brain. (I'm only 40 percent serious.) (Maybe 45.)

OMG it's the lake scene.

Photo via here (click through for some more pretty nifty artwork)

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