Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doppelganger Dogs

There's an American Bulldog in the neighborhood. We haven't formally met -- his human is kinda unfriendly and ignored my initial attempt to coo over his dog-friend. (I like introducing myself to new dogs. Just ask Josh. He loves it when I derail our strolls and/or fully drop our conversation to pet strangers.) Mean disposition aside, man and dog look. exactly. alike. Both are white, stocky (sorry), older (sorry again), and move with more of a waddle than a walk. Throw matching outfits on 'em, and you'd swear you happened upon the casting call for Twins 2. (Full disclosure: I've never seen Twins, but I think the reference works.) (Does the reference work?)

I'll venture to guess that most people have either seen or lived a similar pet-human phenomenon. Very much a chicken/egg situation. Are pets chosen because they look like us? Or does some weird scientific transformation (likely osmosis) go down, causing us to morph into each other? Because the Internet is an unrelenting information blitz machine, I just read a new article that seeks to find an answer. Spoiler: Basically, when selecting a pet, we ARE looking for something familiar, for ourselves. Most interesting part? According to research from Japan (fancy), the strongest similarities can be found in the subjects' eyes. How romantic!

These relics were taken about four years ago and discovered in the depths of my computer's guts. Technology!

Growing up, Copper didn't physically resemble anyone in the family. Instead, she behaved like us -- most like my mother, whom she trailed around the house/yard at every opportunity. They snacked at the same time, went in the garden at the same time, watched the same TV shows. It was inevitable that Copper would become a very loving creature who could tolerate your bullshit (when she saw fit). She'd listen, she'd play, but do not fool yourself into asking her to make room on the sofa. She's comfy, so pick another spot. And the number of times that dog straight-up walked off on me in the middle of a hilarious joke. The nerve! Good gracious, I miss her. <3

There you have it! People look like animals, animals look like people. Maybe we're all vain. Doesn't matter. Give your pet a big hug today (if they so deign). Heck, go buy color-coordinated tops and wear them with pride because you're family. See ya!

Photo of Trotter via CJWHO

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