Monday, October 20, 2014

Food for Thought, Monday Edition

Let's set the week off right with a solid mantra, shall we? These words come courtesy of comedian Mike Birbiglia -- specifically, his Thank God For Jokes show we saw this summer during JFL. Also important, I think I got the quote exactly right, but I'm remembering from back in July, so who really knows. You'll get the gist.

"Early lasts for hours. On-time lasts a minute. Late lasts forever." 

Sorry Nietzsche, but wiser words were never spoken. While it was part of a larger (and very very funny) bit admonishing late-comers for disrupting the show, this idea blew my mind. Probably because I'm late to everything and had never before quantified my tardiness, not really. The truth is, I'm still always late for shit (see: my cousin's confirmation this past Saturday), but MB's words continue to poke at my brain, which must be worth something.

I guess I'm hoping that, by typing it out and staring at it yadda yadda, the thought will sink in a little deeper. And maybe I'll make it to today's dentist appointment on-time after all. (Hahaha, impossible! Anyway, I preemptively rescheduled that. Cavities be damned.)

Happy Monday & Happy Second-to-Last Week of October (whoa)!

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