Friday, October 31, 2014

Face it: We're all about to get Hallowasted

Happy Halloween, you guys! It appears someone has already set the bar for Costume Of The Year, and competition is STEEP.

Look, we all know strange shit is going down tonight. Pretty sure the equation goes something like people + playing dress-up + attention + BOOZE = questionable life choices +/- fun times. Science. So, allow me to impart some wisdom (care of my ever-trusty mom): be safe, have fun, text me when you get home (you can skip that last step, I always do).

Main Squeeze and I are having friends over tonight for some "mild hanging in light costumes" (as described to my buddy Sheila). What we lose in cleaning up after everybody leaves, we gain in getting boozy on home turf. Hurray!

...That was actually a preemptive hurray. I still have to spookify the entire apartment but find myself reluctant to start, as my butt is very nicely wedged between sofa cushions at the moment. (Story of my life.) Maybe a teensy splash of cider will get the ball rolling. Perfect solution!

Have a great night :) :*

Kick ass photo via Huffington Post (you really want to click through, HuffPo gathered a ton of other clever/high-larious costumes)

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