Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can we talk about this sweater?

Hey Zara, thanks for continuing to feed the addiction.

I hear the collective ZZZs coming from the internet. Does the sweater look plain-ish? Sure. Boxy shape. Scoop neck. Drop shoulder. Not much else going on, really.

DID I MENTION IT COSTS $18? And is made of cotton? AND comes in oodles of colors??

Surely you don't need to go out and buy ALL of them. Maybe just one (but probably two). Or, maybe, I'm being swayed by the insane price tag. Ultimately, everything will boil down to a shopper, a sweater, and the unforgiving glare of fitting room lighting. If you so venture, please come back & let me know how it went! (I'm presently on self-imposed Zara furlough, otherwise I'd go try it myself.)


  1. Sweaters are my everything! I will probably need to go to Zara soon to find this! I can't believe it's only $18! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Likewise! Sweater+jeans+boots is an easy outfit, but it looks cute EVERY TIME. Glad I could spread the Zara goodness :)