Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time well spent

Today was largely planned around visiting the Musée des Beaux Arts and taking this experiment for a test drive.

Surprised myself (hahaha) by spending $30 (real surprising) on a museum membership. IN MY DEFENSE, it's a kinda groovy deal if you do the math – membership lasts fifteen months and costs the price of two tickets. Plus, it also includes perks. Perks! (Still unclear what they are, actually, as I had myself a quick daydream when everything was being explained.)

With my newfangled pass in-hand, upstairs I went to check out the ahhhrtwork. Escalator doors parted to reveal a veritable MOB of elderly people waiting their turn to enter the exhibit, too. A kindly museum-worker informed me a tour bus had just dropped all these folks off for an excursion. 

Hell no, you guys. I struggle with big crowds. All that jostling and neck-craning and ducking around dozens of other moving bodies... not my jam. OK, I think, I’ll just zip out, take a walk, buy myself time.

Except, as I'm rounding the last corner on my way back, what do I see? A school bus parked out front of the museum, unloading high schooler after high schooler after high schooler.

It's possible the universe was conspiring against me.

I walked back down to Place des Arts, thirty friggen dollar museum ticket in my bag, and took a bus home. Let's try again tomorrow.

Bright side alert! I ate sweet potato tacos for lunch, so the day wasn't really all doom & gloom. Success! :D

Pencil shaving artwork c/o Marta Altés

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