Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chloé Spring 2015

Excusez-moi while I fuss over these looks from the Chloé S15 runway.


Clearly, these dresses are for the faintly-chested, what with all the teensy shoulder straps and cut-outs and general bra-unfriendliness. But still, there's inspiration to be drawn. Those colors! All that breezy fabric! Delicate styling details like pleating, lace, unusual necklines, strappy sandals, etc! How long until it's warm again? (Answer: Forever times a fucking million, that's how long.)

Also, those models have the prettiest, shiniest hair ever. But I'm not jealous or anything.

Now off I go. Back to drooling over clothes I'm absolutely 100% not even rich enough to look at. I'm allowing myself to keep browsing runway photos until my coffee is done. Then, off to more productive pastures (i.e. READING THE NEW LENA DUNHAM BOOK YEEAAA BUDDY). See ya!

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