Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Sometimes you feel like a fat ass sandwich cookie and it's necessary to (literally) draw those emotions out before running off to the coffee place.

Come on. I never said I was gifted re: drawing, but it's pretty indisputable that I am. OK enough gloating already, time to pollute my body-temple with caffeine and sweets. Xx

Update (Oct 2, backyard): Just got to page 81 of LD book, and would you believe it...

Are you kidding me with this? What a weird, weird cookie coincidence. I lol-ed loud enough to frighten the squirrels when I saw it. Which is quite the feat, really, because these here Plateau squirrels are bad ass mafuckas. They race and they battle and they've been stealing my attention for days. Anyway. As if I wasn't feeling already feeling locked into this book, page 81 officially confirmed it.

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