Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'Round these parts

Oh hey! Let me tell you what's been shaking around here. (The answer is basically "not much," so don't brace yourself or anything.)

The weather's been sunny in all places except my perma-shady backyard. Since I'm trying to adhere to a "budget" (lawl), I'm occupying myself with free things. Like reading in parks and, by extension, trying to look as normal & non-creepy as possible. Pretty easy when you're a visibly non-threatening chick wearing glasses and zero makeup and you're buried a fucking book. But still, there's a concern.

Behold the home office, outdoor edition. (See! It's shady-ass shadesville back there. Welcome to my life. Huge, dark backyard, all the time.) Yes, I am on leave, and yes, that's an agenda and a notebook. This girl ain't taking the chômage lifestyle lightly. I'm a busy, modern woman! OK, so the agenda is filled with gym times and dinner dates, whatever. If only you all lived in a fantasy world as vivid (and star-studded! Hello there, Jake Gyllenhaal!) as mine.

Martha fucking Stewart is in the houuuuse. You're looking at homemade, from-scratch, only very slightly burnt blueberry pancakes. And yes, this is my idea of a healthy & balanced breakfast. Baby steps, people.

These days, I'm reading Women in Clothes. Shit is DENSE with all things ladylike and clothing related. (Has it gotten repetitive and sometimes self-back-patting? Sure. Do I continue to find interesting, insightful thoughts? Yes, every couple of pages.) This little snapshot from Lena Dunham's contribution is a standout. It speaks to me for obvious, obvious reasons.

I guess that sums up the personal part of today's blogginess. Maybe I'll come back later to write about hats or shoes or something. Oh, movies! Been meaning to drum up the list of upcoming movies I'm oh so eager to watch. Maybe today's the day? (Unlikely. But hey, anything's possible.) Xx

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