Tuesday, August 19, 2014

15 // Swish swish tap

Happy Tuesday, Martha Fockers! Recently, Montreal has alternated between raining us out and attempted murder by deep freeze. Who said you can wear sandals in August? Not me this summer, that's for sure.
But we sure kept ourselves busy this weekend, regardless of the mucky weather forecast. There was lots of at-home fun to be had: movies and tv shows, face masks, tea... you get the idea.

Among the weekend highlights was a tap show held last night at the Rialto Theater. What a stunning, exciting, and gorgeous dance form! Thanks to Josh and his extended family of hyper-talented artists, I've been lucky to see a nice share of tap performances. And yet, at the end of every show, I always wish there was more.

Sunday night was no exception. The upbeat energy was infectious. And the dancing! Not even my most deluded dream-dancer-self can imitate those moves. Truly incredible!! Congrats!

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