Thursday, August 14, 2014

14 // Hair dye etc

Something happened this past weekend. After a seven year hiatus, I dyed my hair! Still not sure what prompted me, but I bet a therapist can find some reasons.

The "before" looked like this:

The middle -- aka time spent letting my hair cook while I was slowly poisoned by the sharp stink of peroxide -- found me feeling very confident I'd soon look like this:

Coolest fucken kid in school, right? That girl (Future Me) has her shit together, never repeats her footwear in a given week, and always carries enough cash to buy an ice cream at Kem Coba.

The grand finale:

Ombré? Nombré (ha ha lame). My hair basically looks the same. Which is okay, really, because I'm still getting used to the sliiiightly noticeable difference. Also, nothing's stopping me from keeping that $4 in my wallet, with or without kick ass multi-toned hair.

(Unrelated side note: My right eye looks wonky in the last photo because I'd just been rubbing it like crazy. What a small torture, getting something in your eye. Nothing helps! On the bright side, my left eye is looking Disney princess-esque by comparison. What up, new Make Up For Ever mascara!)

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