Wednesday, August 20, 2014

16 // Back to school?

And now for some breaking news-ish. This lady right here is (almost) seriously contemplating a return to the schoolday grind. Except there'd be nothing "day" about it because I'm looking into evening courses in Graphic Design at Corcordia. What? Crazy!

I loved putzing around with Photoshop when I was younger. Electroshocking our old family computer back to life would reveal evidence of days spent teaching myself the tricks and tools that most interested me. Oh god, how much I looooved illustrating images (mostly of celebrities haha) and putting together collages. Not the most provocative work, granted, but it was something. And it made me really happy.

At many points along the way from then to now, I made decisions that brought me further away from this particular interest. I focused on other goals instead -- studying art history, eating pizza, learning about fashion production, drinking Gallo Rosé, etc. Who knows why I never pursued graphics. I guess, over time, it was mentally categorized as "something cool that people who aren't me do". 

The point is, maybe that's about to change. MAYBE. It's a pretty heavy thought, going back to school, even if only part time. My idea is that saying it aloud, publicly and at least once, might get the ball rolling in a real way. We'll see!

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