Monday, July 7, 2014

09 // Feeling feelings

I just tapped (because you don't type on an iPad) a lengthy-ish ramble. Then deleted it. I opened with cherry pie, as the best things in life are wont to do. Soon thereafter and rather unexpectedly, my mind zeroed in on my job. The mood grew dark. Hostile. Not nice at all. So, delete I did. Not because my points were invalid, but because I need at least one place in my life that's free of bitterness and insecurity and etc etc bad vibes etc. I've chosen this place to be that place. Makes sense?

Maybe the lesson, here, is that (most) people have the ability to yank themselves out of holes, or funks, or short strolls down shittalk road. Some are better/more natural than others at saving themselves. I, personally, struggle to be my own biggest supporter and motivator. But hey! Sometimes you have to say it out loud to get the ball rolling.

And now, some pictures from Canada Day (Night?) a rooftop in Old Montreal, because why not.

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