Sunday, July 6, 2014

08 // Sunday

Sunday is usually a bittersweet day for me. (Unless it's followed by a Monday off, in which case, it's my favorite day.) In my experience, the best way to postpone (if not entirely avoid) the Sunday Blues (TM) is to have a chock-filled day of go-with-the-flow fun. And, obviously, always pretend it's still Saturday.

Step 1: Santa Barbara for brunch. 

Josh's mystical ways lead us to this new (to us) restaurant near Beaubien metro. I think the cuisine is Spanish, but what do I really know, I ordered the apple/cheddar crepe. It was mucho tasty.

Truly, Santa Barbara is a delightful spot. Definitely worth the small trek, especially if you're from the city and weary of your regular chopping grounds. I wish I would've taken some pics. The back wall is painted fluo mint, as are the religious statues affixed to it. Josh and I are already wondering when we'll go back. During the week, they're open for dinner. Maybe then.

Step 2: Jean Talon market to shop for veggies (the kind you plant and the kind that's already food).

To eat tonight: cherries, strawberries, rainbow-looking carrots, and the most fragile-looking asparagus I've ever seen.

To put in the dirt: eggplant, "climbing" spinach, lettuce, chives, and a Mexican herb whose name I've forgotten but tastes like lime.

Step 3: Plant the to-be-planted veggies.

Those are the faces of tired, a tinge sweaty, and very satisfied kiddos. We're gardners! Er, junior gardners. Amateur gardners?

Step 4: Various other activities, like grocery shopping and an iced tea run.

I'm curious about other people's weekend rituals. Does everyone dread Sunday bedtime? Is the weekend a call to carry out chores? Call me immature, or fortunate, or both, but I love being schedule-free until Monday morning. It makes me feel good, better, at ease.

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