Monday, February 2, 2015

Movie-going: A Most Violent Year

Squished somewhere in the middle of a jam-packed weekend, I corralled a few folks into watching A Most Violent Year. The movie itself was pretty solid -- good story, great performances, sumptuous (ten-point word alert) color palette, maybe a touch too slow. But I'm not here to talk cinema (clearly). My big takeaway? CHASTAIN'S COSTUMES. Would you take a look at them.

And these are just the promo stills you find online! J-Chas kills it. I've never been partial to an 80s silhouette (I could still leave some of her shoulder pads behind, tbh), but Chastain looked so insanely glamorous, frame after frame, that I might have to reconsider my position. I find myself hankering for shiny bangs and a white, full-length coat. Totally practical for a Montreal metro-rider with combination skin.


Better add to the list: at least one push-up bra with a good work ethic. Holy boobies!

Maybe I'll start by wearing some power-red lipstick during daylight hours, then see where the look takes me.

A Most Violent Year just started playing at the Forum. Tomorrow happens to be Cheapy Tuesday. Get your behind to the movie theatre and give this one a shot. You might leave with some wardrobe inspiration (plus or minus a crush on Oscar Isaac) (did you know he speaks Spanish!) (I digress).

Happy Monday, lovelies!

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