Friday, January 30, 2015


How about, instead of a true-to-form actual post wherein I explore and express deep personal thoughts (HAHAHA), I offer a mini round-up of tidbits you might find innerestin'. Just some things I've been looking at, or listening to, or have generally lassoed my adhd attention span for longer than ten minutes.

Also, full disclosure, I'm reheating some pizza right now. We basically have until those heavenly leftover slices are edible via oven regeneration, then I quit this bitch so I can stuff my face. Game on!

READING Noggin by John Corey Whaley. There's a whole story about how the author and Josh became buddies, and it's a really good story but kinda long and, mostly, not mine to tell. The long and short of it ends with me borrowing a copy of the dude's first book and thoroughly enjoying the read. Noggin is his latest and is proving equally good.

WATCHING Am I the last person to start Bob's Burgers? (Considering the show is in its fifth season, I'm sure the answer YES MOSTLY LIKELY.) Still trying to figure out my favorite character. Louise -- too obvious? The mom? BOB? Time will tell.

WATCHING PT. TWO A Most Violent Year is out in Montreal. I want to go to there this weekend.

LISTENING Erika (hey girl!) recently turned me onto Invisibilia. Let's be clear: I am not a podcast person (see: abovementioned struggle to maintain long-term attention). I followed Serial borderline-religiously, who didn't, but that was largely the grand sum of my podcasting. But Invisibilia! It's good! The episodes I've followed have been interesting, creepy, a wee bit science-y (so you get to feel smart on top of smug for listening to a podcast to begin with), and ultra NPR-ish as far as human interest stories go. As was suggested to me, start with The Secret History of Thoughts and see where it takes you.

Pizza time, byeee!

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