Monday, December 29, 2014

Hitting the road!

And we're off! Well, not yet. Tomorrow. After much (muuuuch) back-and-forth, it's settled: We're going to Boston! Josh has never been, and my ten-year old self only spent two days there, so there's plenty of Visiting Somewhere New Excitement in the air.

Did I mention the food? THE FOOD. Our trip is mapping out to resemble a milk run of Boston restaurants and bars. On the confirmed list: Abe and Louie's Steakhouse, Bukowski Tavern, Flour, Top of the Hub. For good measure, we also threw in a walking tour (SO ACTIVE) of Little Italy's best Italian food. A little birdy (the internet) also told us where to find the bar from Good Will Hunting. We've got this covered.

Confession: At the moment, I'm grappling with some mid-scale weird feelings re: not seeing my family on nye for the first time in, um, ever. I'm hoping sure these will pass after we've hit the road, made some ill-conceived Duty Free purchases, and filled our bellies with top of the line en-route Amurrican grub (read: Friendly's).

Mostly, I'm looking forward to road tripping with my favorite co-pilot -- the GPS! HA! Nah. Josh is my favorite co-pilot. He always let's me stop for a McGriddle before we even leave the neighborhood, and only complains a little when I skip through The Doves to listen to Beyonce.

In case we don't chat before then, HELLO 2015 & HAPPY NEW YEAR! Xx

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