Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bragging Rights (Holiday Style)

Ho ho ho howdy! Can you believe the Official First Day Of Winter was only yesterday? I've been freezing my nuggets off since end-November, but anyway, let's welcome the change of season with a shitton of twinkly photos and such. Christmas! Hannukah! Excitement and cookies galore!

(Truly. There are cookies ALL OVER the apartment. I might have a problem -- The New York Times seems to think so.)

So here is the story and there’s not much to it. Last week, hopped up on holiday spirit (pine fumes), we bought ourselves a fine fir. It was heavy and sticky and smelly in that way you like about Christmas trees in theory but is actually worlds of annoying to deal with. Anyway. The lot's pickings were pretty sparse IMHO but picked a beaut we did and loaded her into the car.

Things quickly devolved. Once through the door, it was blaringly evident that our Brand New Tree was Way Too Fucking Big. Like, 7ft big. Like, cannot-fit-into-last-year's-tree-stand big. Then, my hunky fella props the tree against the wall, only to reveal a mosaic of tree sap all over his new winter coat. Fun times!

But we're troopers, we are! We named our tree Noëlla (good call, Pickle) and got her to stand right up (in a new stand... that cost six dollars more than the tree... and so it goes) and aren't we just the proudest!

MEANTIME, guys, don't forget we've got ourselves a multi-faith household (apartmenthold?) on our hands.

The bottom half is cropped, but yeah, our menorah the prettiest.

Noëlla turned out hella spiffy, too. :)

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