Thursday, November 6, 2014

Skincare Emergency

Gruesome confession: Does anyone else's face blossom into a blemishy ecosystem if they don't wash their makeup off before bed? Well, mine does -- especially if, say, I get a wee bit sauced on Halloween and, come bedtime, crash face-first into my pillow.

Four days later and my skin is still rebelling. Gotta step up the skincare game.

Enter Body Shop's Warming Mineral Mask (suggested by a work pal). It feels like mushy clay and warms as your rub it against your skin, which is moderately exciting.

So I went and smeared that goo all over my face minus eyeballs and nostrils. Time to let science work its magic.

Attractive. You're welcome.

Do you have any miracle creams and potions? This one's the closest thing I've ever found to helpful and relatively fast-acting. I can also vouch for Clinique's Exfoliating Scrub, but usually just wait to get freebie sample-size tubes (hey there, you sexy gift-with-purchase) because that stuff is pricey. Pro tips galore!

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