Monday, October 27, 2014

Mariah Music Monday

It's the last week of October, folks! Let's put a little boogy in all ours steps. Classic Mimi, you guys. God love her and her big time cam-hamming. <3

Also, there are some (pretty terrifying) clowns in this video, which makes the whole thing more-than-vaguely Halloween-appropriate. I'm really nailing it today!

P.S. The remix is way better & continues to hold strong in my top ten favorite songs ever (hold your judgment).

As a kid, this was easily my number one song to "choreograph" dances to. Signature moves included marching to the beat, arm-waving, and high-kicks. I would then force whoever was within eyesight and/or shouting distance to learn the moves, under threat of permanent and irrevocable un-friendship (obviously I was a great friend to begin with).

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