Tuesday, July 15, 2014

12 // Summer dresses

Excuse me while I fantasize about buying (and fitting perfectly in) these Zara dresses.
They're all part of the end-of-season sale. And the online store offers free shipping to Canada. Is it terribly irresponsible to buy one (or two) tonight, or only mildly so? Good lord, the internet kicked window shopping up a whoooole other level.

I've recently become a big fan of dresses with an a-line and/or trapeze silhouette. They have great movement and, depending on the fabric, do that great woooosh thing when you move. Plus, the cut is super forgiving of post-carb-heavy-meal bellies, which is basically my body's default position (no shame).

Maybe I'll just park my shopping cart overnight, then see what happens tomorrow.

(All photos were taken from www.zara.com, in case it wasn't obvious.)

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  1. Eat more carbs, wear more dresses and write more blogs! You star!