Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sick day

Today was a sick day, a sofa day, a wasted day. A proud of myself for mustering the strength to bathe (bonus for the face mask) day. A Neocitran morning, followed by a groggy afternoon. Too many movies  -- Fargo, then Under The Skin, then When Harry Met Sally. So much ache in the head and congestion of the face.

You get the idea.

My appetite is momentarily zilch, but that hasn't stopped me from fantasizing about this cookie from Maman bakery. Someone book me a ticket to New York... as soon as standing upright doesn't induce wobbly muscles and flop sweat. (Oh yes, I AM beacon of sex appeal and sweat pants, thanks for asking.)

Photo right-click-saved from New York Magazine (link above).

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