Monday, December 8, 2014

Because sometimes you go on sick leave and all your responsibilities are unofficially given to someone new (self-awarded A+ for the run-on sentence)

What’s a lady to do when there’s nothing to do (office edition)?

- Find new and exciting routes to the office washroom.

- Repeatedly ask coworkers if they need help until, eventually, they learn to hate the intake of breath that comes before you speak.

- Refresh every thirty minutes. Other windows that are perennially open, minimized: Cup of Jo, DESIGN LOVE FEST, AV Club, Cinema Montreal, J. Crew (feed the fantasy), Gap (face the reality).

- Covertly check phone for new e-mails, exciting fb/insta updates, texts from mom, basically anything, but don't get caught.

- Snoop Browse through the communal disc drive for line sheets of seasons past and, maybe, last year’s drunken Christmas party photos.

- Reread the week’s lunch menu, then chew a fresh gum to suppress boredom-induced appetite – lunch is still two hours away.

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