Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Don't tell me it's raining again (it's raining again)

I don't know what the hell is going on, but the weather's been borderline apocalyptic this week. There are these brief, promising, ultimately fleeting moments of beautiful sunshine... bookended by darkness, and rain, and sometimes hail. Hail! Let me go right ahead and blame myself for this. I just watched Magnolia for the first time and thought "cool but there's no fucking way raining frogs are real."  My bad. Now, I believe. 

In a fit of cabin fever, I forced myself out the door to get some lunch. (Couldn't risk making my own lunch again.) (Making my own lunch = peanut butter on a spoon, repeat until full.) This act had the dual effect of (a) sneaking in some exercise (30 minutes of walking, ya buddy), and (b) adding another $21 to my upcoming credit card bill.

Like the income-less clown that I am, I spent that (much) money on SALAD & LEMONADE from Aux Vivres. Aux fucking Vivres, everyone's favorite vegetarian resto + fart factory + chapati machine crime scene. (That last comment is pretty insensitive, sorry.) At least I stopped myself from the additional/unnecessary coffee pit stop, so sue me already. (Visa is probably working on it as I type.)

What else. What else...

Current update: It's super sunny and super rainy right now! Is this real life? Also, aren't you glad I'm here, giving a minute-to-minute weather forecast for the downtown Montreal area? Don't mention it.

Oh yeah! Sheila, Tata and I went to see Sin City 2 last night. The movie selection basically stemmed from logistical necessity (central theatre *plus* the only convenient screening time *slash* I am both mentally and physically incapable of watching horror movies, so all those were ruled out stat). And it was passably good! The 3D was useful (rare!), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a substantial chunk of screen time. Much fun indeed. 

Current-er update: It stopped raining. It's still sunny. But for how long? Suspense is such a killer.

Photo c/o Berndnaut Smilde

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