Thursday, October 9, 2014

Color Full

Wouldya get a load of these colors? The early afternoon was positively bursting with 'em! That is... until some rude, angry clouds came along and started spitting all over the place.

Top: Atwater market. So many future jack-o-lanterns (also, if you're my mom, thanksgiving table decor).

Middle: Yknow, some flowers.

Bottom: Stained glass at Charlevoix metro. Who knew a place that smells so strongly of urine could look so pretty.

Bonus round!...

Because after a girl meets her boyfriend across town for lunch, if said girl had zero willpower re: desserts (but mostly just frosting), then there will be cupcakes on the way home. I want to apologize so bad for being that person, sitting in a cupcake shop, taking a picture of her stupid order, but I'm not gonna say sorry. Even though I'm rolling my eyes at myself, I should also just embrace the fact that this photo happened and then the cake did and it was fucking delicious. You should go have one, too!

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