Thursday, September 25, 2014

In the kitchen

Channeling a holiday spirit that still feels new to me, I willingly forfeited an afternoon of...

(yeah, that's some sun-drenched backyard reading, set to the tune of squirrels viciously attacking each other in the bushes)

for this...

I baked those! Myself! From scratch! Them there are apple honey cupcakes. I've already eaten four (for science obviously) and can attest to their deliciousness. And to how fattening they are. These babies are deceptively terrible for you! Sure, you see sliced apples and think holy hell this is 100% nutritious (as I did), when in reality... well... fuck it, I'm not saying how much sugar went into this recipe. (Three different kinds!!)

And now, to bring them to Josh's parents' house for dinner. I'm already envisioning my sorry attempt to transport 26 cupcakes across town via public transportation & laughing at future me. She's such a mess sometimes. Wish me luck!

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