Thursday, June 26, 2014

03 // Summer shows

'Tis the season! Slap on some sunscreen and strap on your sandals. It's time to catch a show (or ten).

The past week has brought a hefty amount of sing(-a-long-)ing and dancing my way. Beck, Stromae, Tune Yards (don't know/care how that should be capitalized), some Fringe-y business -- since last Sunday, I've seen a ton.

I'm going to see Woodkid perform outside Place des Arts tonight. I only know one song, and I might not recognize it until midway through. But the show is free! Free entertainment is ideal when the most unwavering force in your life is your outstanding Visa bill. Plus, the weather will be nice. Count me in.

Update: The weather was, indeed, very nice. And there was the added bonus of Erika and Hyein's company. As for the show, well, I can't really say for sure. It seems unlikely that people can be "squeezed" into Place des Arts, the area is so huge. Well, I guess the magic number is somewhere north of 100,000 because that's (reportedly) how many folks showed up. Crazy! Incredible! An ode to the humanity coming together for the love of art and music and whatever!

Except... When you barely clear five-foot-four, and those tens of thousands of people are clumped in front of you (note: your fear of being swallowed by a big crowd places you near the back of the audience)... It's not the makings of the ultimate best concert-going experience of life. 

Hyein left 30 seconds into the first song. (Really.) Josh, Erika, and I proceeded to hunt for a better spot. 45 minutes and 2 failed attempts to sneak into a nearby building (and subsequently onto its rooftop) later, we chose to head home. 

But, a failure it was not! We heard some music, had a caper, and treated ourselves to ice cream during the walk home. I call that a great evening.

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